Zero Water Heavy is powerful but safe enough for heavy-duty & industrial cleaning jobs.

Zero Water Heavy pH 13.1 is a professional cleaner specialized for industrial & heavy duty cleaning tasks. It’s powerful, yet still safe for sensitive areas such as production areas, machinery facilities.
It has concentrated power to remove ink, coffee or even stubborn stains blood.
Zero Water Heavy is also a degreaser which can effectively dissolve oil stains from engine or extreme dirt build up.

Pasteurizing in schools & medical facilities

  • Certified by SGS Singapore, Green Label Singapore, Quatest 3 Vietnam
  • Kill 80% of bacteria on first use
  • No color, no odour, non toxic. Gives you a clean, safe & chemical free environment
  • Can be used on almost any surfaces

Effective in heavy-duty cleaning

  • Easy cleaning without causing any harm to the surfaces
  • Best use for industrial machines & areas which are sensitive to chemicals

Directions of use

  • Wash & rinse your machine (floor scrubber, carpet cleaning) of all chemicals before adding Zero Water
  • Use only Dry & Clean cloth for cleaning.
  • Cap your bottle after use, do not expose Zero Water to the air for long period of time.
  • Do not store diluted Zero Water
  • Do not add anything into Zero Water
  • Zero Water cannot remove hardcore stains,  rusts, cement stains.