Zero Water Light is the best choice for everyday cleaning routine

The safe cleaner with zero toxic chemical, skin-friendly & does no harm to your health.
With pH 12.5 created by alkalic ions, helps effectively remove dirt, oil, odours & bacteria.

Zero Water Light can be used to clean almost every items in your house, such as:
– Stove, inside of microwave or fridge.
– ‎Glass, stainless steel items
– ‎Leather or fabric sofa, handbag
– ‎Eatery items
– ‎Pet stains
– ‎Clean & disinfect baby items or toys
– ‎Remove unpleasant smell in trash bin, toilet or even your shoes

Zero Water Light leaves no residue, no harmful fumes during use & totally safe for human skin.
We are certified by Green Label Singapore as a eco-friendly product.

Kill bacteria

  • Certified by SGS Singapore, Green Label Singapore, Quatest 3 Vietnam
  • Help you save time & Money
    • Daily cleaning tasks are now simplified, just Spray & wipe away, no need to rinse
    • Save tons of Money from buying many toxic cleaning chemicals
  • Best use with:
    • Baby toys & baby items
    • Public toilet seats, door knobs

Resolve dirt & oil

  • Quickly resolve dirt & oil conditions on surface, leaving no harm
  • Help you clean faster & easier
  • Best use with:
    • Stoves, microwaves & fridges (in & outside), kitchen shelves
    • Shoes, leather bags, sofas & other furniture
    • Floor cleaning

Remove odours

  • Remove any odours in just 2 seconds
  • Just simply spray Z Water on the desired surface & see the smells go
  • Best use with:
    • Toilets, trashbins or any smelly places
    • Shoes, gym mattres, sport equipments & machines
    • In & outside the cars

Does no harm to skin

  • Contains zero toxic chemicals, create no harmful fumes while using.
  • Skin friendly (for adults & children)

Best cleaner for pet items!

Accidents happens — and when you have a pet, messy accidents happen more often than not!  On any given day, you might have to clean up pee, poop, vomitas , a knocked over garbage can, a colossal spill or an unexpected mess. While the love you have for your pet certainly makes dealing with the gross stuff a lot more manageable, the truth is that without an arsenal of trusted cleaning products that actually work, life will be stressful.

Fret not !

Zero Water is here to help to make your life much easier when living with your beloved pet !

– Odor remover: Zero Water can eliminate odors of your pet’s urine, poop & hair, unlike other products that only cover up the smells with chemical fragrance . Spray the odors away on your floor, pet’s house or the potty tray with constant use

– Pet’s stain remover: May it be poop stain or pee stains, just spray Zero Water on and wipe it clean with a paper towel. The odors are also eliminated.

– Sanitising your pet’s items: Toys, bed, the floor where your pet lays… could be the nest of various kinds of bacteria. Zero Water is the pet friendly cleaner that can help you clean faster, protect your beloved pet. Just simply spray & wipe everything away with a clean cloth. Decrease the occurrence of getting ill and visit the vet.

No rinsing required ! Safes time and effort so more time can be spent enjoying the company of your beloved pets.

Directions of use

  • Use only Dry & Clean cloth for cleaning.
  • Cap your bottle after use, do not expose Zero Water to the air for long period of time.
  • Do not store diluted Zero Water
  • Do not add anything into Zero Water
  • Zero Water cannot remove hardcore stains,  rusts, cement stains.