Frequently Asked Questions

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There are 99% of Ionized Alkaline Water and almost 1% of KOH. The level of KOH is different based on pH levels of Zero Water. All ingredients are tested and proved to be safe for human skin.


Zero Water is a water with very tiny clusters full of hydrogen. Zero Water goes into the spaces between stains and objects, wrap stain particles with negative ions and separate stain particles from the surface of objects. This also explains why Zero Water works as deodorizer as tiny negative ion clusters of Zero Water wrap particles of odor. To further answer the question why Zero Water sanitizes, it is simply because of its very high alkalinity and it does not allow any germs to survive in it.


Basically, Zero Water Light is pH 12.5, which is safe for domestic daily use. Zero Water Heavy is stronger with pH 13.1, this should only be used in industrial & medical cleaning, under expert instructions to avoid damages on certain surfaces.

Zero Water Light can be used on almost every surfaces: Ceramic, stainless steel, glass, leather, plastic, fabric… with 3 basic functions:

  • Clean dirt & oil
  • Remove unpleasant smell
  • Kill bacterias on surfaces.

Zero Water Light is more effective when used on shiny, glossy surfaces. To clean matte or porreous surfaces, you need to use brush or microfiber cloth.

Zero Water Light has less effect on rust, stain, corrosion & heavy duty grease.

Zero Water does not fix material damages such as mirror stains, faded-color condition on items… It only has effect on the surface of material.

Do not use Zero Water on item made of raw aluminum or raw copper. These kind of materials are weak against acid and alkaline. Particularly, uncoated aluminum or copper surfaces could change color by high alkalinity.

For Zero Water Heavy, please contact our expert for further consulting.

Zero Water Light is the best cleaner you should be used on chemical sensitive items. It does no harm to skin or food. More importantly, it leaves no chemical residues, which may affect your health by accidental consumption.

Items that we recommend to use with Zero Water Light:

– Microwave, fridge (both inside & outside), stove & electric cooking appliances.

– Culinary items.

– Baby items (clean & disinfect).

Zero Water has been tested & certified by TUV-SUD for effective in killing dangerous bacteria such as: E-coli, Samonella, Staphylococcus Aureus, etc…

Zero Water was also tested & certified by SGS Singapore, proven to remove 80% of bacteria on surface in just ONE SINGLE SPRAY.

Normally, high acidity or high alkaline water is made by using hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide to water respectively. These very low pH or very high pH waters at both extremes are dangerous liquids with nearly 5% of hazardous chemicals contained as residue and will need careful handling.

On the other hand, Zero Water, which is produced by very special electrolysis method and having the right level of alkalinity of pH12.5 has excellent cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing power yet not harmful or dangerous.

Potassium Carbonate which is used as electrolyte to produce Zero Water Light is a substance classified as food additive and is used to rinse Ramen noodles. Zero Water Light does not contain any artificial surfactant nor any other chemicals and it is safe even if baby sucks any items which has been cleaned by undiluted Zero Water Light.

Zero Water is nearly 100% water without toxic chemical substances or surfactant. High alkalinity will be quickly diluted with the water in the drainage and will return to neutral water. On the contrary, almost all types of detergent containing surfactant will damage water environment through drainage and will eventually create unhealthy sludge at the bottom of rivers and sea.

Yes there are margins of error for all PH testers, it varies from brand to brand, different calibration settings and environment temperature are conditions that affects inaccurate PH readings.

The tolerance level is between +- 0.3 PH. (*note: some less sensitive PH tester may be at  +-0.5) Rest assure all our product are QC and tested by our staff before any shipment is processed.